Cornelia van Voorst’s art practice emerged after a period of recovery from a complex form of PTSD.  Bearing witness as a child to her German father’s battlefield flashbacks motivates her engagement with the history of the Second World War and its connection to our present.

Lyrical, allusive images negotiate the space between individual lived experience and dominant narrative.  Through the use of ink, conte, and resist materials such as eraser, wax and china pencil, Cornelia’s tender and expressive drawings convey complex feelings and ideas about war, loss and remembrance, and of grief to healing.

Works on paper transcend familiar military narratives and represent an empathetic response of the personal with the historical.  With her ancestral roots in the Netherlands and Germany, being brought up in Australia, and now living in Canada, she is familiar with multiple points of view concerning WW2 and speaks to the universal suffering of war.

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