A Complex Grief

Into the rose-garden. My words echo
Thus, in your mind.
……The trilling wire in the blood
Sings below inveterate scars
Appeasing long forgotten wars.
~ TS Eliot, from Burnt Norton

These expressive ink drawings demonstrate complex feelings and ideas about war, good and evil, loss and hope; about the connection of history to the present, of grief to healing.

There is an ambiguity to these studies of roses from the neighbourhoods  in which I spend my days.  While making them they began to appear as plumes of bombs seen from above. Sometimes they look like glimpses of landscape from the air through a break in the clouds. I also imagine them as broken voices or wounds; and then, because of the sheen of the ink, they become  watermarks of grief.

A perennial symbol of love, the rose is often presented as an image of romantic perfection, yet these roses are set in the midst of a dark ground and are in various states of wholeness, disintegration and visibility. By reclaiming the image of the rose from a limited, sentimental narrative I am referencing personal persistence in the face of suffering and a social activism that calls upon compassion as the means by which to overcome turmoil, violence and uncertainty.

A Complex Grief was shown at the exhibition Interworld at Arc.hive Artist Run Centre  May 3rd to 12th, 2019.








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