The Other Side of War

The Other Side of War was a solo exhibition that combined small portraits and figurative drawings with larger works from the Ruins and Little Saints series. It was shown at the Fifty Fifty Arts Collective, 2516 Douglas St, Victoria, BC, Canada from March 10th to April 9th 2017.

Understanding the experiences of women and children make ideas which are often used to explain and justify war: concepts of good and evil, guilt and innocence, aggressor and defender, lose their validity.

We are not accustomed to looking at German wartime society with compassion, yet when we consider children it is difficult not to do so. My work about  the bombing campaign over Germany focuses on the tragedy of mothers and children bearing the cost of man-made war.

This body of work is an act of remembrance for innocent lives caught up in a storm not of their making. These drawings are analogous to searching beneath historical narrative in order to retrieve fragments of human story which have been overlooked.

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