The Persistence of Love

The Persistence of Love ( In A Time of Disaster ) was a solo exhibition of ink paintings and installation. The exhibition opened January 8th 7-9, ( non social ) and continued Saturdays and Sundays 11-4 January 9-24, 2021. In person. Covid19 protocols- masks, social distance etc applied.
The exhibition featured four series: Meditations on the Persistence of Love in a Time of Disaster ; A Complex Grief ; Stumbling Blocks ( a Complex Grief 2 ) ; Do Not Call it Fixity
From the Artist Statement: Narratives about success through victory have become inadequate in the face of a world shut down by pandemic. The emergence of marginalized voices from history and our own time allow us to access stories of resilience and resistance. I honour these stories by portraying broken, disintegrating roses to speak for a universal, compassionate approach to the experience of loss and trauma.
Here is a video walk through of the exhibition, (5 minutes) with thanks to Efren Quiroz of Exhibit-V
Location: Xchanges Gallery, 2333 Government St, Victoria BC.