Permission to Grieve

For the project ‘Permission to Grieve‘ Integrate Art Society commissioned two new art objects as Memento Mori in order to acknowledge the many forms of grief during the Covid 19 pandemic. Two artists were selected; I was honoured to be one of them.

I chose to make a series of one-of-a-kind scarves. So much of our sadness is held in our throats when words are not enough. These art scarves feature studies of roses in expressive lines and dark tones to represent our difficult times. The roses are from my neighbourhood and are hand-painted upon pure silk.  

Silk holds its history, every squeeze and stress leaves its mark. There are techniques to remove the evidence of imperfection but I value the wrinkles that remain after the making process. These hand painted scarves are a reminder of how fragile we are, and how softness and sadness are signs of life being present no matter what. Wearing them helps us remember to attend to our hearts. The scarves wrap and protect our throats that may not have found the words to speak for our experience.
I am grateful to @integrateartsoc for making it possible to produce this work

A number of scarves are available for purchase, please message me through my contact page for details