In the last ten years I have had the privilege to speak of my background and how that has informed and affected my life and my art.

In 2007 I gave a speech at Telling the Truth, a conference about alternative Christian spirituality and Art, about why I believe art is important in a world that is so troubled yet so beautiful.
In 2009, on Fathers Day,  I gave an address at St Philip Anglican Church about growing up with my father and how it has influenced how I understand good and evil, love and war.
In 2016 I was invited by Wendy Welch, the director of Vancouver Island School of Art, to give  a talk to that year’s Advanced Drawing Class.
In 2017 I gave an address  at St Philip Anglican Church in conjunction with my exhibition The Other Side of War.

I write as a curator about art shown at The Stairwell Gallery at St Philip Anglican Church.  My purpose is to promote art’s contribution to understanding the inherent sacredness of life.

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