…using the language of architecture..the language of the environment that we have built for ourselves to describe the inner state of the body. ~Anthony Gormley

“the reverse side of apathy” 22″x30″ charcoal, conte, eraser, paint, cutting on stonehenge.
“past the dreadful” 22″x30″ charcoal, conte, eraser, on stonehenge.

“Iphigenia in the evening” detail 22″x 30″ conte, charcoal, eraser
regardless of disaster 7″x5″ 2015
buried beneath ; 5″x7″ 2015
A Simple Raid 7″x5″ approx,2015
“sensory experience of survivors” 30″x22″ charcoal, conte, eraser on stonehenge.
“after the prelude”, 11″x7″ ink on crushed stonehenge
“Within an annihilated world” 22″x30″ charcoal, conte, erasure, blade.
“scarcely a trace of pain” 22″x30″ charcoal, conte, eraser on stonehenge.

These abstracted drawings are based on segments of historical photos of bombed cities. The stripped bare structures mimic muscle and sinew, rib cage and spine; figures seem to be present among the ruins- yet this is not consciously sought after- the process of expressive drawing causes the the depiction of ruins to be subtly figurative. Buildings are inverted ghosts; empty form and material with their inhabitants and inner life gone, imitating the metaphor we have used over thousands of years for human death .