post card project

For the last number of weeks, I have participated in an initiative by a local contemporary artist collective BOXCARSIX in their Post Card Project. It was conceived as a means for members to be in touch with each other and continue making art together during the time of lock-down.

Each artist would begin a card, and then send it to another who would add to the image and then pass that on until it was felt a small artwork had been completed. Eventually other artists joined in. It took me a while to get going as I wasn’t sure what to send out to other artists to work with, but then realised I wanted to extend the ideas in the “…Persistence of Love….”  work I had just finished.

So I took my postcard sized paper and drew the images of the roses from my neighbourhood onto them. I was delighted to see the effect of abstraction and was happy not only to be sharing my theme with other artists, but to perhaps have discovered a way forward for new work.

Here are some of the “starters” I sent out back in April, it has been fun to see the transformation of these over the last weeks.
Some artists enhanced the rose theme, some transformed the starters in ways that I could not have imagined.

Since British Columbia has opened up we’ve had news to finish up by June as it looks like there is going to be a show of all the cards this summer! Stay tuned.

Some of the postcards already completed by me and other artists can be seen on the BOXCARSIX instagram account here: