the art of attention

“We cannot protect something we do not love, we cannot love what we do not know, and we cannot know what we do not see….”
– Richard Louv.

How do we reclaim our intimacy with creation? How might we open our eyes and minds in a way that allows the revelation of God through creation into our souls?

In this workshop Matt Humphrey (of Wild Church Victoria, A Rocha Canada and the Emmaus Community) introduces us to different ways we pay attention known as ‘analytic’ and ‘synthetic’. Because our society has emphasized the analytic mode, he’ll suggest that we have become fragmented in ourselves and in our relationship with God’s creation – and that we need to repair this divide and rediscover an approach to attention which takes in “the whole.”

Cornelia van Voorst introduces us to science that shows how improving the ways we see the world through art helps heal attention and lead us into embodied mindfulness. Geared to those who might not identify as artists, simple, practical exercises train our eyes to understand the world so that our relationship with creation is enriched and restored.

Cornelia van Voorst is a visual artist and theopoetic practitioner based at The Abbey Church in Victoria British Columbia. As well as exhibiting as a contemporary artist, she practices photography and sketching as a means of cultivating connection with the world around her.

The Art Of Paying Attention- Opening Our Eyes (was) a free online workshop facilitated by Matt Humphrey and Cornelia van Voorst
Co-hosted by Wild Church Victoria, A Rocha Canada and the Emmaus Community (Victoria)
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