spring in winter

So it’s Mardi Gras today. A very subdued one due to pandemic. Tomorrow is Ash Wednesday, the first day of Lent, which marks the time of fasting and contemplation in preparation for Easter. Emmaus Community, AbbeyChurch and St Matthias ( of Chapel Gallery fame ) have made a booklet of reflections and prayers by community members to accompany this time of year. I am thankful to have contributed a reflection and the cover images.
I was asked also to suggest a title. I chose to combine two words found in a brainstorming list from the clergy into a simple phrase: Spring in Winter.
It sounds sort of unexpected, miraculous like the blossoms here in Victoria that bloom in early February. It is magical. It is a play on words- is it spring or is it a spring? A spring that emerges from the dark, the deep underground. Flowing water, not ice or snow, emerging just like the blossoms from the dark and the deep of the body of the tree and then are let go and transform into fruit. Spring in winter….we are weary, but perhaps, by tapping into that life beneath the surface of our circumstances, we too might feel something blossom and flow within us.